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Senet Software is an entertainment technology consultancy and video game publisher based in New York City.

We design and produce games, escape rooms, and the tech required for interactive art installations. Our wide experience ranges from programming, art work, audio and light engineering, level design, testing, embedded systems, interactive set design, mechanical design, and implementation.

Senet Software also has a game publishing division focusing on African made games. Besides investment in games, our in-house engineers can help with the development process, marketing and distribution.


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Guardian Of Gotham2020 — Escape room
Gotham escape room

Explore a Super-Hero's Lair! Unique tech, custom designed and built exclusively for Clue Chase escape gamesOur most technologically advanced escape room, mixing media and games to create something entirelynew for the industryComing Soon - choose a track, do you want to play as the heroes, or the villains? Differentchallenges and outcomes await...

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Moonshine Madness2019 — Escape room
Moonshine escape room

A truly modern escape room experience designed and built in 2019. Moonshine Madness features the latest in escape room design and technology to make this into a unique speakeasy escape room. Seamless experience - this 1920's escape room reacts to your inputs and actions as you progress, revealing numerous surprises. Continue the hunt for the artifact - the new rooms at Herald Square continue and expand upon the lore of Clue Chase Laboratories, although prior experience at Clue Chase is not necessary.

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Sunken City2019 — Pop-up escape game
Sunken city Sunken city

Debuting September 7th, leading into Climate Change Week NYC Partnered with Overlook Collective to bring players a climate change themed escape room Each puzzle is based on actual initiatives NYC is taking to combat climate change Explore the House of Solutions on New York's historic Governor's Island.


Houdini's Workshop2019 — Escape room
Houdini workshop escape room Houdini workshop escape room Houdini workshop escape room

Immerse yourself in the world of the extraordinary escape artist and magician, Harry Houdini In this magic themed escape room, we offer interactive magic props and illusions that give you real hands-on experience with items that Houdini would have used during his shows Houdini was the world's most famous escape artist, can you match his cunning an escape his workshop before your hour is up?

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Pirates of the Bermuda Triangle2019 — Escape room
Pirate escape room Pirate escape room Pirate escape room

Rescue a doomed pirate ship! Interact with period accurate ship props and controls in your quest to prevent disaster Work with the ship's captain himself, listening to the commands he issues from his cabin in order to properly operate the ship Explore the interior decks of the ship - many secrets await the determined traveler!

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Spy Bomb Prop2018 — Escape room Prob
spy room spy room spy room

A prop bomb and full room automation for Clue Chase's Spy room.
The prop has a keypad and an LCD but the keypad is deactivated till the players find the battery to activate the keypad before the count down time ends the bomb goes off.
The prop also controls other special effects in the room like lights,sounde and shooting a video of the players and automatically upload it to be sent to the later.

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Escape To Go2017 — Pop-up escape game

Playable anywhere in the greater NYC area, we come to you.
Fully modular game system ensures that groups anywhere from 25 to 500 players in size will feel involved and occupied for the full 80 minutes.
Custom designed escape game tech, open secret compartments and play with custom coded software.

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Pulse & Bloom2017 — Interactive art exhibition
Pulse exhibition Pulse exhibition Pulse exhibition Pulse exhibition Pulse exhibition

Pulse & Bloom is an interactive art exhibition by artist Shilo Shiv Suleman at The Clarice, University of Maryland NextNow Festival, Maryland, US (2017).

Worked with the artist to recycle and rebuild the entire exhibition-including the electronics, programming, and metal and wood fabrication-after 4 years of traveling around the globe, since the first exhibition at Burning Man in 2014.

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Tidal2017 — Interactive art exhibition
Tidal exhibition Tidal exhibition Tidal exhibition Tidal exhibition

Tidal is an interactive art exhibition by Shilo Shiv Suleman at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US (2017)

Tidal is a 'geofeedback' installation that bridges the gap between water bodies outside and inside us. Find yourself underneath a suspended storm of metal clouds, illuminated with hundreds of LEDs that pull from tidal data and flow in time with the river. But when you interact with a large silver moon-like bowl of water placed in the centre of the installation- you start to pull light towards you, from one body of water to another.

I have planned, built, and installed the exhibition in terms of electronics and programming.

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Out of Print2017 — art/tech challenge and exhibition
Out of print exhibition Out of print exhibition Out of print exhibition Out of print exhibition Out of print exhibition Out of print exhibition Out of print exhibition

Worked with the Townhouse gallary to organize an art/tech challenge at the gallery called "Out of Print" in 2017. Artists and members of the public were invited to execute a concept that is challenging to produce on a practical, material level via technologies introduced to them by engineers from the Cairo Hackerspace and Creatables. The challenges were executed through 3D scanning and printing, projection mapping, embedded systems, software programs, and sensors. The larger initiative reflects our interest in the space between art and technology and bringing together people from different disciplines.


InterLab Artificial Emotional Intelligence2013 — Interactive art gallery
interlab exhibition interlab exhibition interlab exhibition

Interactive visual arts exhibition, Medrar for Contemporary Art, Cairo, Egypt (2013) Medrar for Contemporary Art, an Egyptian cultural organisation and gallery, played host to an ultra-experimental new media art exhibition entitled InterLAB: Artificial Emotional Intelligence. In this exhibition, a group of Egyptian visual artists, web developers, and programmers (including myself) collaborated with a parallel group in Dresden, Germany to create a series of installations that connected gallery dwellers in both cities.

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